Relax and disconnect in different rooms of the Pazo.

The Pazo has different lounges and common spaces in a classic style where you can enjoy the most exquisite decoration and views of the garden.

Discover tranquillity in all its splendour

  1. The luxurious classic-style lounges and bright galleries, visible from the outside, will make our guests feel comfortable and relaxed. They are spaces for resting, reading, playing games or for meetings and long conversations with friends.
Salón principal en el Pazo Amuzara
Salones Pazo Almuzara 3

Fireplaces, spacious galleries and rest areas are ideal for a relaxing and comforting getaway

The main lounges of the Pazo have French fireplaces framed in marble and a majestic piano. But it is also worth mentioning the gallery area, where different spaces have been arranged to share moments of leisure, fun, and reading while the client enjoys his stay at the Pazo.