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At Pazo Almuzara, we know that gastronomic experiences are key when it comes to getting to know and enjoying the destination. Come and discover some of the most famous gastronomic products on the national scene.

Fair-style Octopus (Pulpo á feira)

The close relationship between the region of O Carballiño and octopus is well known. It is the most consumed product in this region and one of its main tourist attractions. At the same time, the link between this cephalopod and the group of octopus sellers in Arcos, who have been working in the trade since 1752, has an almost religious aura. A typical symbol of the region, it proudly boasts one of the best known and most highly valued gastronomic products on the national and international scene.

Nowadays, to prepare octopus, it must be boiled in a large steel pot. It must then be taken out of the boiling water three times and then cooked. The estimated cooking time is 25 minutes. It is important to serve it on a wooden plate and season it with coarse salt, paprika, and extra virgin olive oil. Do not forget to accompany this delicious dish with Cea bread and Ribeiro wine.


Cea Bread

Cea bread is made in the municipality of San Cristovo of Cea and is certified by the Protected Geographical Indication. It is considered one of the best breads in the world and its secret lies in both, the ovens and the quality of the ingredients used. The first documented references to the bakeries of Cea (‘panaderas de Cea’) date from the last third of the 13th century.

It is considered to be one of the gastronomic products of reference in Galicia. As could not be otherwise, Pazo de Almuzara has numerous establishments in the surrounding area where this product can be purchased.

Pan de Cea
Vino do ribeiro

DO Ribeiro

The Ribeiro Denomination of Origin is located in Galicia, specifically on the north-western edge of the province of Ourense. This location is characterised by the confluence of valleys that intertwine to the rhythm of the rivers Miño, Avia, and Arnoia. With an area of 2,500 hectares and 115 registered wineries, the Ribeiro is capable of producing 14 million kilos of grapes annually. It is worth mentioning that the Ribeiro DO, created in 1032, is one of the oldest in Spain.

Pazo Almuzara offers the place you have always dreamed of to taste a different kind of wine.

Carne de máxima calidad de Galicia


The area surrounding Pazo de Almuzara has a variety of restaurants where you can taste the gastronomic products of the region. Among them are Galician stew, tripe and Galician veal (certified Protected Geographical Indication).

Marisco gallego de máxima calidad


Galician seafood is considered a world reference. At Restaurante-Marisquería O Barazal, you can taste this gastronomic product that attracts thousands of people every year to Galicia.

With an unequalled offer of seafood, this restaurant offers a wide variety of products such as spider crabs, crayfish, langoustines, barnacles, razor clams, shrimps, monkfish, lobsters and an endless list of products where quality is the hallmark of identity.